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Discovering the Treasure Trove

A Comprehensive Guide to What's Inside Microsoft 365

You purchased Microsoft 365 for your business. Great! Now what? You know some of the basics but let’s take a look at what all you’re really paying for with Microsoft 365, and how to use these applications in your business.


Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity tools that includes several applications to help individuals and businesses work more efficiently. Here are the main applications included in Microsoft 365:


  1. Microsoft Word: A word-processing program used to create, edit, and format text documents.
  2. Microsoft Excel: A spreadsheet program used to organize and analyze data, create charts and graphs, and perform calculations.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint: A presentation program used to create and share dynamic and engaging slideshows.
  4. Microsoft Outlook: An email and calendar program used to manage email, schedule meetings, and stay organized.
  5. Microsoft OneNote: A note-taking program used to capture and organize ideas, information, and resources.
  6. Microsoft Teams: A communication and collaboration platform used to chat, make audio or video calls, hold virtual meetings, and work on shared files simultaneously.
  7. Microsoft SharePoint: A web-based collaborative platform used to create, manage, and share content, knowledge, and applications.windows, microsoft, logo-1859187.jpg
  8. Microsoft OneDrive: A cloud storage and file-sharing service used to store and access files from anywhere, on any device.
  9. Microsoft Power BI: A business analytics service used to analyze data and share insights.
  10. Microsoft Access: A database management system used to create and manage databases.
  11. Microsoft Publisher: A desktop publishing program used to create and share professional-looking publications.
  12. Microsoft Visio: A diagramming and vector graphics application used to create flowcharts, diagrams, and other visual representations.
  13. Microsoft Project: A project management tool used to plan, track, and manage projects.

Each of these applications is designed to help individuals and businesses work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and be more productive. With Microsoft 365, users have access to a suite of powerful tools that can help them achieve their goals, no matter what they are.

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