How to Jumpstart your Yearly Tech Goals

Don't Fall Flat on your IT Goals

So it’s that time of year again. You spent half a day in a planning meeting and came up with your 2023 tech goals that would finally get your company moving forward.


Setting goals that will keep the IT department aligned with the company’s overall mission and figuring out how to measure progress, track success, and demonstrate the value technology brings to the organization.



Maybe you are focused on increasing operational efficiency by streamlining an internal process or automating a repetitive task and I am sure you are developing a disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime in the event of a cyber security event or other IT emergencies.


All of the planning was great AND THEN…January happened and Monday came around with 25 IT tickets, a SQL server update, and all sorts of other things. Luckily for you, we still have a lot of 2023 left.


Whether you’re trying to upgrade your cybersecurity, modernize your infrastructure, or enhance your customer experience,


SingleWave put together a few steps to help you jumpstart your IT goals:

  1. Assess your current situation: What does your IT infrastructure look like now? Analyze your security protocols and evaluate your hardware and software network infrastructure. Click Here to Use SingleWave’s Free IT Friction Report to find out where you stand 
  2. Prioritize: Define your goals in terms of overall importance to the company and the resources needed to accomplish each goal.
  3. Develop an action plan: This plan will outline each goal and the resources, budget, and unique steps needed to take to achieve the goal. The action plan will also assign each team member specific tasks related to achieving the goal. No two people can own a task, one person has to hold responsibility.
  4. Review and adjust constantly:  Set regular meetings to review and adjust the progress or setbacks occurring with each goal. Changes within the business and outside environment may also call for changing the purpose of each goal or adding new goals completely.

Overall, starting your yearly IT goals can be a daunting process but with proper assessment, prioritization, development, and adjustments your company can be ahead of the game with IT changes and innovation. SingleWave is here to help you accomplish more and stress less, and remember, frictionless IT is possible!

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