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Why Your Company Thinks IT Stinks

Five Common Reasons Why Your Tech Stinks

      Before going into all of the reasons your IT may need an upgrade, to put it simply as a business owner it is your fault your company thinks negatively about IT. The culture surrounding technology can be difficult to navigate. Employees expect technology to work 100% of the time and frankly why shouldn’t they?


If your business has bad tech, it is the weak link.

SingleWave is here to help but first let’s identify the root of the problem with 5 common reasons your employees think your tech sucks:  

  • Unproductive New Employee Onboarding: First impressions start even before day one during the hiring process, to add insult to injury if your technical support is not ready to onboard a new employee, right off the bat you’re at a disadvantage with that person’s impression of your company.
    • Bad onboarding can mean not having technology or accounts ready to go on day one  
    • Another way we see onboarding fail is the machine is set up for a user, but not optimized for the user it is going to such as making sure accounting software is on the new accountant’s machine 
    • Lastly, bad onboarding may mean they don’t have anywhere to go to learn more about how things work on their machine. Proper education available to know how to remote into the environment or who to call for help is critical to empowering your team
  • Loss of Competitive Edge: Your tech is a crucial part of your competitive advantage and having worse tech than your competitors can result in a loss of this competitive edge. Tech surrounding the collection and managing of new clients, working with your existing clients, and even the way your website collects external views are all ways IT can make or break your competitive advantage.  
  • Security Breaches: If your company experiences a security breach and you do not have the proper emergency procedures in place this can lead to the loss of important information and damage to your company’s reputation. 
    • More so than just reputation is the damage felt with downtime from the event and even potentially having to make an insurance claim that could or could not be covered depending on how the threat actor got in. This time spent away from your company mission kills morale and stops projects dead in their tracks. 
  • Increased Costs: Poorly set up or outdated tech can be expensive to fix or maintain. This can result in higher costs for your company which takes resources away from achieving your mission. 
    • How can my tech be so bad when I am spending so much money on it? Well, an F1 supercar may be the fastest on the track, but that doesn’t mean it is the best car for a family of four to get to school every day. You have to find technology that fits your company and enables your team to succeed.
  • Ownership: IT cannot fall on one person in a company – everyone has a responsibility for tech literacy and hiring should include testing for these skills. Countless hours of productivity can be saved by having a minimum expectation for IT Literacy across your company. Knowing to restart a computer before calling IT will give your company more time to do what they are paid to do. Also, having a team behind your in-house IT technician allows them to focus on the front-line work while an outsourced provider is keeping servers updated and running. IT Ownership is everyone’s responsibility.  

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     Companies without the proper IT get stuck in never-ending bottlenecks and frustrating conversations with technical support bots. This decreases employee confidence and morale and creates a negative connotation with IT and IT support. SingleWave is on a mission to change the narrative surrounding tech frustrations. With SingleWave, we are here to help you accomplish more and stress less. Always remember, frictionless IT is possible! 

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